Polish version 
APA is producer of hundred thousandes all kinds high quality compotes. All under the brand ALFAFOOD we are produce on fresh fruits without any preserves on our clientes wishes:
in packing::
in cains: 400g, 425g, 850g
in jars: 520ml, 720ml, 900ml
contains sugar (in brix) 14 to 21 requirement netto weight
in the 4-th main kinds (vide table)
We are also produce all kinds of compotes under the brand of our customers.
Product Weight netto [g] Weight brutto [g] Quantity on packet Packet/pallet
Goosberry compot 680 1050 12 864
Strawberry compot 680 1050 12 864
Cherry compot 680 1050 12 864
Black currant compot 680 1050 12 864